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[Verse 1]
You'll probably meet me when you get into college
If you haven't then your mama mighta locked me in her closet
I be up at the bars not allowed in the cars
At least if someone's drivin' they won't get very far
See I'm a cool kinda cat you can ask all the fellas
They make me meet the girls that's how I met Ellen
She was tellin' Tommy that she wanted a taste
And the next thing you know she had her hips on his waist
In the basement of his place it was cops and robbers
A party for the people who pretend to act proper
He offered her some more of course she said sure
She ain't never felt a feelin' like this before
Such an insecure gal now she's the talk of the town
Walking around with Tommy her stockings are falling down
Everyone's giving him props she's fin' to throw up
But it don't' matter once her bladder takes a couple more shots

Come with me I'ma set you free
Let you be everything that you wanna be
You can do all the things you ain't supposed to do
And if you choose everyone'll be all over you
Come with me I'ma give you a voice
Power is a must responsibility choice
If you tempted well don't worry it's okay to give in
Cuz everybody likes livin' in original sin

[Verse 2]
I met Mark he was chilling in the park
Making some noise with his boys it was a little after dark
They had sparked an L passing gas to mask the smell
Having a blast cracking laughs all that Kenan and Kel
It was a warm summer's eve they were headed to meet
The other brothers getting greased at the fraternity
They arrived just in time to find Tommy doing some lines
With Ellen who kept on yellin' that she wanted to try
Her eyes wide as she did you could see her wig split
Guys all tried to hide their big shit eating grins
Mark was silent sitting in the corner reclining
Eyeing Ellen while he's dwelling on how he can go and slide in
And tell her that she needs to leave right now
Cuz Tommy and Steve got plans to make her scream real loud
She's too faded to realize what he's trying to say
And as the day breaks Mark's got a life to save


You'll probably meet me where the sidewalk ends
The corner store with floorboards and the lights that dim
When what you got is not enough and you need something more
I'll be waiting with open arms you just open the door
And you can leave anytime go back to where you came
But you'll find your mind idle - nothing has really changed
You'll feel empty inside like you missing a piece
Cuz even though you made a choice you've never been free



from Jay Misérable, released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Jay Kila New York, New York

Jay Kila is a talented young rapper who presents a ground breaking new sound based on a simple concept: honesty. A native of the Upper East Side in New York City, Kila is Half-Indian and Jewish (a Hindjew). His rapid-fire delivery and intellectual lyrics present portraits of city life as well as Kila’s struggle to find his place in society. ... more

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