Look Down

from by Jay Kila

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[Verse 1]
Welcome to the future to the land of men and medusas
Who looking for nothing but convenience and computers
It's super so duper that stuff you could get used to
So sit back Jack and relax - don't' believe all of them rumors
It's cool - the way that we live all that we ask is time that you give
Time my friend time again - you got plenty find a pen
And sign the dotted line right there
You're the corporate kind of course mon frére
And it's fortunate when you're forty five
You'll feel the joy of a joyous life
You'll be rich and free with social security
Pensions in a penthouse you'll never say life's boring me
So pour some tea and forget about whatever it is that you dreading now
You got letterheads a rental house
Everything that your friends' without can't afford
Oh wait there's more - a 4-door Ford Explorer
And a holiday in Bali that is probably paid for

[Chorus] x2
Hands up from the back to the front
Everyone if you love what you do - put 'em up
This one's for the guys and the girls with the thighs
Who work everyday and all f*ckin' night!

[Verse 2]
You're a company man there's your desk right there
You got a company hat and a company chair
You got a company shirt some company jeans
Wear 'em every damn day uh I mean please
See no one cares what you do round here
Did you read about us in GQ last year?
We're cool so hip except there are no replacements
Ya get it? Nah? Well don't mess shit up
If you get stressed visit the sex department
What's that you ask? It's an efficiency start
Started at Google increases impact
By 30% its on the 3rd floor
Just make sure your wife's cool with whores
Now let's have some fun - we got numbers to crunch
Memos to check and useless stuff to do
Don't worry you're new remember it's like your first day of school
So for lunch today we got fish filet
What's that she ordered? You like Kanye? Ha ha he's great
Yeah me too I told you bro we're f*cking cool
Play by the rules and you will be making a killing
Billing expenses spilling expensive wines and dine
Thrills of executive kinds fine girls galore
The world is yours anything you ever want plus more
Imagine that - what's holding you back?
Nothing the company loves you Jack
So - just do what you're told
Don't think for yourself and you'll be gold


[Verse 3]
Time will pass so will you
Do or do not you still gon' do
Choose us choose cool
The company loves me and you
Family should always come first
So plan to be managing in your hearse
Shirts tucked in belts stay buckled
But relax there's time to chuckle
Hup two step rise and grind
The sun goes down our lights still shine
The sun comes up we been awake
In this place there's no night or day
Just clocks to punch emails to send
Stocks goes up we do it again
We've done it before we'll do it some more
We'll do it until our souls get sore
We'll do it until our fluids are drained
Till all of the music just sounds the same
We'll do it until our brains decay
Ravens chew on all our remains
We'll do it until we love our jobs
We did it because we love our jobs
We always knew we would love our jobs
Did we tell you how much we love our jobs!?



from Jay Misérable, released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Jay Kila New York, New York

Jay Kila is a talented young rapper who presents a ground breaking new sound based on a simple concept: honesty. A native of the Upper East Side in New York City, Kila is Half-Indian and Jewish (a Hindjew). His rapid-fire delivery and intellectual lyrics present portraits of city life as well as Kila’s struggle to find his place in society. ... more

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